What’s On This Week    

 Other than Monday the Zoom link for the events will be https://us02web.zoom.us/j/9798343402 

Monday 22nd February
7:30pm Adult Beginner Zoom Class (Adults Only)
Dave Graham has kindly stepped in to cover this class – due to a small matter of Brighton vs Palace on Sky TV
His Zoom link is  https://us02web.zoom.us/j/84382739851?pwd=bHZGcEQwSElZSkkwU2l1M2xvdjFMZz09 

Tuesday 23rd February

From 5:30pm The Endgame Classes with Thomas, David & Arjun on Zoom (Adults & Juniors)
6:00pm Test out your Rook and Minor Piece Endgame skills with three tournaments
6:00pm https://lichess.org/tournament/rttEz7A9
6:20pm https://lichess.org/tournament/Fn5w9BdQ
6:40pm https://lichess.org/tournament/qvVKL3IQ 

Wednesday 24th February

Beginner Class for Junior members
4:00pm on Zoom level to suit attendees

Thursday 25th February

5:30pm Dave Graham ‘How To’ series of Junior classes on Zoom
Topic this week is ‘How To Use Your Time’
6:00pm followed by a Lichess Worthing tournament or from 5:15pm if not attending the training (Adults & Juniors)

Thursday 25th February 

7:00pm Sussex Team Battle (Adults & Juniors)

Friday 26th February

Friday Club Night (Adults & Juniors)
6:00pm https://lichess.org/tournament/80AGKHXh 

Saturday 27th February

19th International Friendly Team Battle (Under 16s Only)
3:00pm https://lichess.org/tournament/6GOQvC42       

UK Chess Challenge 2021
• Crowborough Club Event starts in March 2021
o Watch out for future Announcements
o Mascots, Pens, Trophies and more to be won!