English Chess Federation Ratings

In August 2020 the ECF Rating system was changed from an historic 3 digit grading system to a 4 digit ELO type rating system. 
The fundamental change being that in the new system a player's rating is adjusted after every match based on the relative rating to the opponent. The calculation is the result ( 1 , 0.5 or 0) less the expected score (from rating table) and times a constant k (40 for juniors 20 for adults)
So on winning against a player of an equal rating the expected score is 0.5 and therefore if an adult the live rating will increase by 10.
At the end of every month the official ratings are published and used in tournaments entered.

For a full explanation visit ECF Ratings Calculation

To see how our club members' ratings have changed over time click on their rating in the Table below.
If you wish to see the pre August 2020 3 digit grades just click the 'official Revised Ratings' radio button.

Standard Ratings are for games with an expected 2 hour+ playing session such as our team league matches while Rapid Ratings are for games typically with an expected 1 hour playing session such as 25 minutes + 10 seconds.  

Name Standard Rapid
Arjun Kolani 2186 2092
David Fryer 1970 1864
Henry Shaw 1831 1843
Jon Lawrance 1869 1790
Oliver Stockham 1583 1750
Gary McCulloch 1615 1728
Benedict Weis 1629 1719
Daniel Donaghy Prov 1644
Elena Currah 1495 1629
Daniel Longley
1548 1603
Michael Redman 1671 1584
Suriya Velayudham 1439 1561
Thomas Martin 1548 1547
Doug Blythe 1653 1534
Aryan Sonnadamath 1481
Nick Hope 1524 1446
Luke Freeman 1410
Ashton Gadiot Prov 1365
Lucy Hopkirk 1343
Omar Gadiot Prov 1240
Benjamin Pearce 1238
Derik Kruger 950 1151
Mark Currah 1068 1141
Risha Jithendra 1101 1131
Dylan Gould 1063
Don Grant 1120 938
Werner Kruger Prov