Covers the season September 2021 to May 2022

Adult Membership £85
Junior Membership £60
Family Membership £100

All membership queries please email the
Club Secretary
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Back to Over The Board chess every Friday Evening from 10th September.
Crowborough Community Centre TN6 1FE downstairs meeting rooms.
Parking is limited immediately outside the Community Centre but plenty of very close free parking on the other side of Pine Grove signposted to Waitrose.

6:30pm Junior Club starts with a short training session followed by the 10+5 Junior Blitz Club Championship

7:30pm Adult Club starts with the 25+10 Rapid Club Championship

 We have hired both Meeting Rooms 2 & 3 so plenty of space for parents to sit either in MR3 or the Café Area until 7:30pm

At 7:45pm we will close the dividing screen so that Meeting Room 2 can be used for the Rapid Play while Meeting Room 3 can be used for analysis and casual games.

The older juniors are encouraged to join the adults and play in the Rapid play.
Club will close at 9:30pm.

As well as hand sanitiser, wipes and disposable gloves being available we kindly request Club Members to follow the Community Centre Guidelines
Meetings arranged in well-ventilated areas where possible with windows open.
Please continue to wear a face covering in the communal areas of the Centre.
Wash your hands with soap and water or using hand sanitiser regularly throughout the day.
Cover your nose and mouth when you cough and sneeze.
Stay at home if unwell to reduce the risk of passing on other illnesses onto friends, family, colleagues, and others in your community.
Consider any individual risks, such as clinical vulnerabilities and vaccination status.


We will ask each member to complete a membership form
For new parents please note that we are not acting in Loco Parentis and it is a condition of membership that you or a nominated adult supervises your child throughout a session.
If you are not remaining within the Community Centre please inform us at the beginning of the session who your child’s nominated supervisor is.
Membership Fees for the season September to May are £85 for adults and £60 for juniors with reductions for family membership.
Adults and Juniors playing in Teams or the Rapid Club Championship will also need to be members of the English Chess Federation as these will be nationally rated games.

We have entered two teams in the Autumn Mid Sussex Online League and will be playing in International Junior Events every Friday

Club Teams

Over The Board Team matches in the Mid Sussex Chess League recommence in  January 2022.

The Crowborough Chess  Congress is on Saturday 26th February 2022

English Chess Federation
All club members are encouraged to be at least bronze members of the ECF. Note when we return to over the board club members playing for our teams in the Mid Sussex League will need to be at least Bronze members.
If you play in tournaments outside of the club you will need to be a Silver member while Gold membership is required for International FIDE events.
Club members can join the ECF online at
Annual ECF subscriptions for the year to 31st August 2022.
Bronze ……………£ 18.00 ( Junior Bronze £6.00 )
Silver ………………£ 27.00 ( Junior Silver £6.00 )
Gold …………………£ 39.00 ( Junior Gold £ 19.50 )
Juniors are free for their 1st year.
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