Rules: Adjudications procedure

Code of Practice for Submissions to the Adjudications Secretary

  1. Any position submitted for adjudication must reach the Adjudication Secretary within ten days of the playing of the match. If the position is received after the ten days then the player's claim will be disallowed. Note that the adjudications secretary will apply this rule and not allow any exceptions.
  2. email or first class post must be used in all communications.
  3. if using post

    position will not be accepted as accurate and complete in any of the following circumstances:

    • no stamped addressed envelope included to enable return
    • there is no cheque or it is incorrectly completed
    • there is an error or omission in the claim or the position

    if using email

    • and your claim is not successful an undertaking to pay the fee [£5.00] by post within 7 days
  4. Where more than one position is submitted by a club then the club may either:
    • provide separate cheques (each to the value £5.00) for each position or
    • submit a signed and dated cheque marked "Not to exceed £X.00" where X.00 is the maximum fee payable if the adjudications were lost. The Adjudications Secretary will fill in the appropriate fee upon receiving decisions in all the positions.
  5. The fees, which are returnable if the claim is upheld, are as follows:
    • ordinary positions - £5.00
    • appeals - £10.00
  6. Positions submitted must:
    • contain only the claim of the submitter and not that of the opponent
    • follow the normal conventions, e.g. White at the bottom and Black at the top of the diagram

    A failure to observe this rule may lead to the claim exceeding the time limit of ten days and therefore being disallowed.

  7. Cheques must be made payable to the Sussex County Chess Association
  8. An appeal procedure is available to players where the Adjudication Panel gives a decision different to that claimed by the player. Under this procedure the player has the right to appeal against the decision. To do so, the player or the club's Match Captain must:
    • lodge the appeal with the Adjudications Secretary within fourteen days of the date of receipt of the disputed decision
    • submit three copies of the detailed analysis to support the appeal and
    • provide within the same fourteen days one copy of the appeal analysis to the opposing team's Match Captain
    • Email may be used for appeals [within fourteen days of the receipt of the disputed decision].
    • Only one copy of the detailed analysis need be sent to the secretary.
    • one copy to the opposing team's Match Captain
    • and an undertaking to pay the £10 fee if the appeal is unsuccessful

    Within seven days of receipt of the appeal analysis the Match Captain of the appellant's opposing team is either to:

    • submit three copies of any comments/analysis thereon to the Adjudication Secretary or
    • inform the Adjudications Secretary that no comments/analysis will be submitted.