Sussex Individual Knockout Championship

The SCCA is seeking entries for this competition for 2016. It is open to all members of the SCCA. Approximate schedule is as follows:
Start end of October
First round completion end of November
Subsequent rounds 1 month for each
Final end of May


  1. The final date for entries is 23 October 2016
  2. The entry fee is £3.50, payable by cheque or postal order in favour of Sussex County Chess Association and forwarded to the Tournament Controller (address given below) with the request for entry
  3. In each round the player drawn as Black will have choice of venue (including adjournments). Colour and venues alternate if game(s) drawn.
  4. White shall instigate contact within seven days of receiving notification of pairing, although Black may do so. The Tournament Controller will specify the dates by which matches must be played. Results are to be reported to him promptly accompanied by the score of the game
  5. The time controls are: 40 moves in 120 minutes, then 20 moves per hour thereafter, which implies adjournment of long games after a four hour session. The same for game 2 if game 1 is drawn, and so on. These rates may be varied by mutual agreement provided they are in accordance with Standardplay criteria

Further information may be obtained from the Tournament Controller:

Joe Sharp

125 Ashford Road, Hastings, TN34 2HY

tel. 01424 715753