The Mid-Sussex Chess League is a flourishing organisation, with a current (2018/19 season) membership of 15 clubs fielding 47 teams playing in all divisions with promotion and relegation between them. It is primarily a weekday evening league. Membership is open to chess clubs throughout Sussex, though as its name suggests, its origins were in the geographical centre of the original county (officially divided into East and West Sussex in 1974), and that is where most of its member clubs are located. Since Sussex is a broad but narrow coastal region (approximately 70 miles east to west by 25 miles north to south), clubs from the extreme western and eastern reaches are generally admitted on condition that they can travel to other clubs or play matches at a half-way-house venue. with matches being played between mid-October and mid-May.

Applications from new clubs to join for the next season are always welcome and should be made to the League Secretary [You are recommended to read the League Rules but particularly see rules 1.4 and 3.1]

The normal playing session is 3 hours and matches are usually arranged for 7.30 to 10.30pm but some clubs can offer weekend fixtures. Standard play games not completed in that time, and where the players cannot agree a result within a week, are sent for adjudication.

The league also runs a knock-out competition on a handicap basis; these games have always been decided by a quick play finish.

The League charges annual team fees to cover its running costs, usually about £4 per team, plus Game Fees charged by the English Chess Federation for non-members because all our game results are submitted for inclusion in the national grading system. [At present rates of £2.50 per player per game it is usually better for a player to become a Bronze ECF member if over 6 games are played].

The MSCL is affiliated to the Sussex County Chess Association.