Rapidplay Rules / Guidelines

Operative from September 2018

  1. The Rules of the MSCL standardplay league shall apply except as modified by the following.
  2. Each team shall comprise 4 players.
  3. There shall be no grading restriction but clubs should endeavour always to field a team of less experienced and or lower graded players and in which board 1 is not normally in excess of 140 strength. Juniors who have appeared in MSCL standardplay Division 2 or above are not expected to be regular team members.
  4. The start time shall be 7:30 pm prompt.
  5. The time control is 40 minutes for all moves plus 10 seconds increment per move from move one. Recording of moves is encouraged but is not mandatory.
  6. Colours shall be decided on the night by coin toss.
  7. Results will be submitted for grading in accordance with ECF rapidplay rules.
  8. There are no restrictions on age but the emphasis is on juniors. Clubs are not expected to enter a team if they have insufficient juniors to field an all-junior team (or teams) and clubs should aim to field an all-junior team for each fixture. Allowing for circumstances in which that might not be possible, over the season as a whole juniors ideally should represent the club on at least 75% of boards. When an adult must play to complete the team, that adult should be a lower graded member of the club.
  9. Players may play for one club in the Rapidplay League and for another club or clubs in the standardplay league or knock-out competition. This is intended to give access to the Rapidplay League for qualified players where their primary club may not be entering a team. Similarly, two or more clubs may submit a joint team in the Rapidplay League when individually they have insufficient players to enter their own team. In the latter case jointly participating clubs shall determine which club or clubs is/are the host venue for each designated Home fixture and shall provide the Fixtures Secretary no later than three weeks before the first scheduled fixture with a list of which club will host each Home fixture of the joint team.
  10. Clubs should consider if possible offering their venue to host mid-way matches.