What's On This Week

• Thursday 3rd December at 5:30pm – Dave Graham continues his HOW TO series on Zoom with “How to Trap” once again Dave leaves us with a mystery. What are we trapping? Come along and find out.
us02web.zoom.us/j/9798343402 aimed at our Under 1600 ratings though all are welcome.
• Thursday 3rd December Worthing Invitational tournament - join in after the training at about 6:00pm or if not attending the training from 5:15pm.
lichess.org/tournament/GM6BLw0t Adults and Juniors welcome.
• Friday 4th December at 6:30pm it is our regular Club Night Arena for Adults and Juniors
• Saturday 5th December at 3:00pm the Juniors play in XVIII Worldwide Junior Team Battle in Division A
lichess.org/tournament/lQdIcfl7 Juniors Only

All the above events will be supported with a Zoom Meeting. us02web.zoom.us/j/9798343402

New Members

Apologies to some of our newer members who had difficulty joining these events last week.

Once you have joined the club via BookWhen you will still need to join the club on Lichess.

To do this you do need to have created a free account on lichess.org/
Then request to Join lichess.org/team/crowborough-chess-club and do not forget to solve the checkmate in one to prove you are a human
If you did not state on your BookWhen form your Lichess Username please inform us who you are so that you can be accepted into the Club.

Sounds easy enough but the App on Tablets and Phones makes it difficult so best to do this in plenty of time. It is much easier to do on a PC or Laptop.

Also the rules for the International Junior Events requires that you must be a member of the club for at least a week and to have played 30 Rated Games on Lichess.

Last Week

Hurrah we won the Sussex Team Battle for the first time ever. lichess.org/tournament/4JSsuhb0 well don Jon, Archie, Palkon and yes myself who managed to play some sensible chess for a change.
In the Friday Club Night lichess.org/tournament/wG092ub6 Archie and Dan had a great scrap for 1st Place with Archie just prevailing. The most notable though was Chess-Fem not only winning the Under 1600 prize but also picking up the Bronze medal in the main event.
On Saturday many of our juniors were playing in the Sussex Junior County Championships with great success yet still turned up to play in an International friendly lichess.org/tournament/EIg6LfLV coming a creditable 4th