Worldwide Junior Team Battle XIII

Congratulationa to all our players who were in our Worldwide Team on Saturday special mention to Ben, Peter, Lucy, Elena and Raina who all have Birthdays in September.

Despite flirting with relegation for most of the 1st half of the tournament we repeated our 5th place finish in Division A.

I had warned at the start that the three promoted teams from Division B were very strong and I was vindicated in my comment in that they finished 1 - 2 - 3 with last time winners Team Krasyliv finishing 4th.

So a 5th place by our team lead superbly by ArchiePawn was impressive.

I hope I did not get carried away in the Zoom commentary by twisting players arms to continue playing as they were tiring in the last ½ hour. This plea was certainly listened to by our regular speedy player Chess-Feminist whose flurry of last minute games confirmed our 5th place.

All the results and games can be found at https://lichess.org/tournament/UkyZHjCn