What's On This Week

21st - 27th September 2020

Wednesday 23rd September at 6:00pm King of the Hill Club Championship

·        Thursday 24th September at 5:30pm Basic Chess Training on Zoom

·        Thursday 24th September at 7:00pm Sussex Team Battle

·        Friday 25th September at 6:30pm its Club Night

·        Saturday 26th September at 4:00pm Worldwide Junior Division A 

We kick off with the King of the Hill Club Championship. We all know that centralising your pieces is important but your King? Well that’s the way to win in this variant.

On Thursday we have Basic Chess training where last week all the players promised not to move the same piece twice in the Opening. Will these promises be kept?

Format is about half an hour training on Zoom followed by Davids Arena where the players can practice what they have learnt against each other.

Thursday Night it is the Adults and older juniors turn in a Battle against other clubs from around Sussex. 10 teams to choose from. Can Crowborough ever win one of these events?

Come along and help us try 10 minutes +5 seconds a move . Who can stop BuftonTufton from Brighton winning the individual Gold Medal again?

Friday Night is Club Night and our most popular event with 30+ players not only joining in the chess but also the banter on Zoom between games.

Don’t forget to go into David Mode while playing though. Will the Chess Feminist win the under 1600 trophy again ?

Saturday at 4:00pm it gets serious with the XIII Worldwide Junior Team Battle. Last time we came a comfortable 5th retaining our place in the top Division.

Can we do the same again or will we grab a podium finish. If you were under 16 on the 31st August 2020 come along and help. Top 10 scores count towards our team tally.

If all that is not enough we still have 4 games remaining to be played in the 1st Round of the KO Club Championship.

As always there will be Zoom chat available for all the regular events. us02web.zoom.us/j/9798343402

To play in these events you will need to be a member of the Lichess Team https://lichess.org/team/crowborough-chess-club